Feel the stress building? There’s a way through that can help you keep your whānau safe.

If you feel yourself losing it, or if you want to talk to someone about a plan to make positive changes in your whānau, call the guys at HeyBro for free on 0800 HEY BRO (0800 439 276).

We’re here 24/7 to listen and help.

Our guys know what you’re going through

When you call 0800 HEY BRO, you’ll get a friendly voice at the other end who will listen and offer you support. Our guys have got heaps of experience helping men who are dealing with exactly what you’re dealing with.

Our team is here to help you – and move forward

Our guys will talk to you about what you’re going through, and help you cool off without anyone in your whānau getting scared or hurt. After that, they’ll do everything they can to help you move forward so that next time you feel like you’re on the edge, you’ll know what to do.

Our help doesn’t end after you hang up

Because 0800 HEY BRO is part of He Waka Tapu, we’ve got an even bigger team supporting us. That means we can put you in touch with more people who can support you and your whanau in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle – including people in your local area where possible.

If you’re on the edge of losing it, or if you want to break the cycle of family violence, talk to somebody.Call 0800 HEY BRO (0800 439 276).

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